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Resurface Your Pool Deck Today!

Choose the option that suits you best.



Are you a real estate flipper, or just looking for a budget friendly resurfacing option?


TropiCrete provides dependable durability and resistance to fading, mildew, and abrasion. Used for both interior and exterior projects


Includes a 2 year warranty. 


Texture EEZ 

Texture EEZ is our fully customizable resurfacing option for your pool deck.


Manufactured  in Lakeland, FL and enhanced with H2 Cooling Technology, Texture EEZ provides you with a stunning finished product that is also slip resistant. 


Includes a 2 year Warranty 


Luxury Rubber

If you're looking for the softest surface for your pool deck that is cool to touch and self draining, then Luxury Rubber is the choice for you.


Hand trowled with multiple color and pattern options, you pool deck will simply look amazing. 

Includes a  5 year warranty

Choose your favorite color, or mix and match!

Rubber Color options
Rubber Color Pattern options

Our Full Line of Services

Rubber Floor Systems

Whether we're talking pool decks/patios, gym flooring , garage flooring, porches/entrances, basements, or playgrounds. If you are looking for one of THE safest surfaces you can have installed, then look no further!

Not only are our rubber floors aesthetically pleasing and comfortable to walk, but they come in a multitude of colors, are low maintenance (washing clean with basic soap and water), and SLIP RESISTANT !!! 

OSHA line marking
OSHA Line Marking

Our Warehouse Line and Aisle Marking Epoxy System is a high build, self-leveling, clear or pigmented resinous flooring system is intended for floors subject to medium to high traffic, fork lift and rubber wheel carts.


This OSHA approved line marking System creates a very durable finish that is easy to clean and maintain while proving resistance to wear abrasion, petrochemicals and contaminants. 

Pool Deck Makeover
Pool Deck Resurfacing

Our Pool Deck or Lanai Resurfacing service will leave your floors as safe to walk on wet as they are dry, and looking brand new again!

Slip Stoppers has a variety of colors and coating options available so you can get a pool deck with the qualities you’re looking for. Remember that you can apply any design to nearby pathways, patios, or other concrete surfaces to create a cohesive look. 

Flake Epoxy Flooring
Flake Epoxy Floors 

This Flake Epoxy Flooring System is a durable, seamless and chemically resistant to provide adjustable levels of slight texture and color to match any design theme or surroundings. 


This aesthetic epoxy flooring with flakes (multi-colored vinyl flakes and size options available) are imbedded and fused between product layers providing an appealing look and increase in slip resistance.  

Tile Treatment
Tile Treatment Services

The tile treatment we offer incorporates an innovative technique that enhances the floor's grip and friction without making any noticeable changes to its appearance.


This unique process creates microscopic pores on the tiles, effectively increasing traction and making it safer to walk on. You'll enjoy improved stability without compromising the aesthetic appeal of your flooring.

Non Skid Epoxy
Truck Coating

This aggressive non-skid Truck and Trailer Anti Slip Epoxy Coating in Safety Yellow is designed to do two things...


Increase friction to help prevent a slip, and visually warn the driver that the back five feet of the trailer/truck is approaching to help prevent a fall.  

Slip Stoppers can also apply our non-skid treatments near the cab where drivers dismount, as well as on handholds!

Slip Testing

Included with all services we offer is a complimentary Slip Test. 

Slip Stopper's SCOF testing services are a simple and clear method for understanding the safety rating for any surface. 

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