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Preventing Slip and Fall Accidents: At Home

Slip and Fall accidents can also happen at home. Make sure you take the necessary steps to keep you home safe for yourself, and others.

Here are a couple tips that can help:

  • Make sure your floors are clean and dry.

  • Ensure that all rugs, mats, and carpets are in good condition.

  • Avoid walking on wet floors or wearing socks with rubber soles (unless you've just stepped out of the shower).

  • Dry up spills immediately with a towel or mop; don't use liquid cleaners because they can make matters worse by creating slippery surfaces when they dry!

If you have tile floors in your home, either in living areas or bathrooms, you know how troublesome they can be - especially when wet!

Our tile treatment services focus on making those tile floors safer to walk on, wet or dry. If you'd like to learn more, don't hesitate to contact us today!

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